Curriculum Vitae

Kristel Jalak

Date of Birth: January 4th 1961, Tallinn, Estonia

GSM +372 50 62 544

skype: kristel jalak


Civil status:    Married
31.05.2010 Adult Educator professional certificate V level (highest) ETKA Andras
01.07.2006 Communication Trainer professional certificate V level (highest) ESÜ
02.12.2005 HRM professional certificate V level (highest), PARE
19.12.1991 Candidate of Sciences Agri. (=PhD) ELVI
29.10.1984 Zooengineer, Estonian Agricultural Academy
Languages: Reading Speaking Writing
Estonian mother tongue
English excellent excellent excellent
Russian good good weak
Finnish good weak poor
Computer skills: MS Office -PowerPoint, Excel, Word and others common programs. Skill level good. HRM programs etc. specials.
Driving license: B-category. More than 20 years experience, no penalties.
Membership of professional bodies: Estonian Communication Trainers’ Association, foundation member.
Independent from political parties.


Since 03.04.2008 Trademark DevelopDesign (joint ownership of Kera OÜ), professional trainer and management consultant.
Preparing and delivering leadership development programs, start-up management training and consultations, leaders’ evaluation programs, organization surveys, consultations on management and HR issues, trainings on negotiations, presentation skills, influencing skills, conflict resolvation, service standards, stress management etc. Recognized trainer of trainers.
Since 01.05.2006 Kera OÜ owner, manager, professional trainer and management consultant.
Delivering 100-120 training days per year. Studies for agriculture sector (MoA, Agriculture Chamber, LEADER program), evaluation surveys and consultations for telecom and IT sector (Elion, Skype, Playtech, NetGroup) and public service (Citizenship and Migration Board, State Chancellery, State Archive, ARIB ao.)
23.05.2013 – 30.06.2014 Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, Head Expert (Training & Development)
Reason for leaving: return of employee from maternity leave
Responsible for managing T&D activities for MoE and its 83 administrative field organizations (schools, foundations, research institutions etc.)
23.05.2011 – 12.04.2013 Enics Eesti AS, HR Manager, member of management team
Reasons for leaving: new challanges
HR Generalist and Department Manager in Electronics Manufacturing company, 750 employees
01.08.2006 – 03.04.2008 OÜ Self II partner, Consultation Manager, consultant and trainer
Reasons for leaving: starting own business
Preparing and delivering leadership training programs
22.09.2004-18.01.2006 Cleanaway Baltic’s HR Manager, Brambles Group
Reason for leaving: redundancy followed to structure change by new owners
HR generalist in waste management company with 200 employees in Estonia (170 workers- drivers, loaders, repairment, sorters etc. and 30 office- and sales staff); 60 employees in Lithuania, 14 in Latvia and 200 in Estonian daughter companies. Responsible for the whole HR activities field, starting from legally required administration, salary system, R&R programs and finishing with the development, strategical planning and reporting to headoffice in Germany. Managing the work of 3 HR assistants in countries and supervising the HR in daughter companies.
10.07.2003 – 13.09.2004 PepsiCo Baltic’s HR Manager, PepsiCo International
Reason for leaving: return of employee from maternity leave
  HR generalist in sales company with 35 sales reps, 40 workers (drivers, warehouse workers, packers etc.) and 15 office staff in 3 Baltic countries.
Implementing and monitoring HR policy, administrating staff (only in Estonia), reporting to headoffice in Poland, strategical planning etc.
17.01.2003 – 10.07.2003 OÜ Self II consultation manager.
Reason for leaving: project closing
Preparation of leadership training portfolio and programs.
12.02.2002 – 17.01.2003 Agricultural Registers and Information Board (ARIB)
Deputy Director General (on HR, finance, administration, legal, PR and management development)
Reason for leaving: tiredness from the routine of civil service
Leading administrative and support services divisions with 5 different bureaus (total 30 employees). Responsible for all administrative and maintenance services for the organisation; establishing regional bureaus in 15 counties. Staffing the organisation, creating policies, procedures, development programs, doing annual budgeting, managing work of divisions etc.
08.02.2001 – 12.02.200204.08.2000 – 08.02.2001 Agricultural Registers and Information Board (ARIB) HR Councilor. Promoted to Deputy Director.
Continuous development of Paying Agency administrative capacity.
Agricultural Registers and Information Board (ARIB – previous ARIC) Head of HR Bureau. Promoted to HR Councilor.
Building up administrative capacity of Paying Agency (from 8 employees to 250), preparing policies and procedures for EU Commission accreditation audits. Building structure, organising staffing, management training etc.
01.07.1999 – 04.08.2000 Agricultural Registers and Information Centre (ARIC-previous ARC) HR Manager. Promoted to Head of Bureau.
Preparations for establishing SAPARD Paying Agency. Managing PRARE SPP Pilot Projects.
02.10.1995 – 24.03.1998 Estonian Animal Recording Centre (ARC) HR project manager. Promoted to HR Manager.
01.04.1993 – 31.08.1995 AS Dimela Sales Manager. Establishing commercial relationship with Swedish, Danish and Norwegian suppliers, building up the sales network in Baltic states.
04.01.1988 – 19.03.1993 Research Institute of Veterinary and Animal Science, senior  researcher. Preparing PhD thesis.
30.03.1983 – 25.12.1987 Ülenurme state farm manager, dairy farm, 90 workers.
01.09.1982 – 21.03.1983 Nõo state farm manager, dairy farm, 30 workers.


January-March 2014 Ministry of Education – Organization Health survey
October 2012 – May 2013 Luua Forestry School. Development of HR policy and procedures (Competency model, salary system etc.)
June – October 2012 Palmako – Leadership model development.
Feb. 2008 – September 2010 Ministry of Agriculture – Survey on Accordance of Estonian Rural Advisory System with RDP and EU requirements. Survey on Development Options of Estonian Rural Advisory System. Survey on Competence Level and Educational Development needs in Rural Sector.
April. 2006 – Nov. 2007 State Chancellery – Formation and Implementation of Competency Model for Government Serving Officials.
June 2003 – June.2008 Elioni managers’ Competency Card formation and 360o feedback evaluation on leadership traits.
July 2002 – Jan. 2003 Ministry of Agriculture – communication strategy building project.
Aug. 2001 – Nov. 2001 ARIB – SAPARD program implementation case-study.
March 1999 – Febr. 2001 PHARE SPP local expert project,
Team leader, training manager & need assessment expert
March 1999 – Aug. 2000 SAPARD program Paying Agency HR and training procedures expert, preparation for EC accreditation
Sept. 1999 – Febr. 2001 PHARE SPP pilot project,
Assistant team leader, training manager
Sept. 1998 – Dec. 2001 Ministry of Agriculture,
Advisory Service expert
Oct. 1998 – Nov. 1999 Ministry of Agriculture – World Bank, Advisory Network and Support Services Project manager
Dec. 1995 – April 1998 PHARE Advisory Service Project; Assistant team leader, training manager


Professional Trainer Certified professional trainer, over 20 yrs experience as a trainer, incl. 15 yrs as communication (video) trainer. Main subjects: assertive communication, team building, conflict resolving, negotiations, customer service and sales, various leadership and management topics, time management, training of trainers etc. Clients: Hurtigruten Estonia, Air Maitenance Estonia, Enics, Ericsson Estonia, IF Eesti Kindlustus, Skype, Ambient Sound Investments, Sanofi-Aventis, Elion, ARIB etc. Lecturer on HRM and communication training specialties in Estonian Business School.
Counseling and advice Certified on HR management. 20 yrs experience as an advisor and management consultant, incl. 5 yrs as leadership coach. Advised companies and organisations on management, HRM and leadership issues, conducted surveys and studies, development seminars, job and/or performance evaluation, market research for trainings etc.
Leadership and teambuilding More than 30 yrs leadership experience, from line manager up to the top management. 20 yrs of team leader experience. Most of my teams have been of great success. I have good interpersonal skills, ability to motivate and inspire people. High competencies on initiative, co-operation, conceptual thinking and goal orientation. Experienced with diversity and multicultural environment as well as virtual team management.
Project management Broad experience in project management and co-ordination – PHARE, World Bank, EU and various national projects.  Writing terms of references, offers, reports, project plans etc. Negotiating with partners, beneficiaries and financiers. Building up project teams, managing work.
Main partners: DLV Agriconsult Netherlands, Greylag Ltd. GB, ILMS Canada, Land O’Lakes USA, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance, Agricultural University etc.
Rural Information Network Agricultural education and PhD degree. Practical work experience in production, research, supply chain, state administration, training, consulting and project management. Since 1995 building and maintaining professional networks. Directed rural advisory service network establishment, managed certification and quality control systems and continuously training new advisers. Good professional relationship and various co-operation examples with Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural Registers and Information Board, Rural University, different agricultural research institutes, Farmers and Producers Unions, Agricultural Chamber, Jäneda Training Centre, private trade companies, single experts etc. etc.
“Trainer’s Handbook”, ETKA Andras, Tallinn 2012. 47 pg.
“Feedback in Developing People”. Äripäeva Kirjastus 2010. 225 pg.
“Giving advice vs professional consulting”. Handbook for rural consultants. MoA. Tallinn, 2008, Tartu 2001, 153  pg.
“Seven steps of the sales process”. Handbook for salesman. Elmatar. Tartu 1998, 150 pg.
Äripäev Handbook for Salesman, regular quarterly additions since 2001.
Numerous articles in newspapers on management, communication skills and HR topics.


January 2014, Tallinn
Talent Vectia
Trends in On-The-Job training
October 2012, Tartu
Huco Human Core
Using TAZ profile on communication and team trainings
December 2011, Elva
Tao Consult
LEAN: One-piece-flow and 5S training methods
September 2009 – May 2010, Tartu
ETKA Andras, Tartu University
Adult trainer qualification course, 300 h
September 2008, Tallinn
Arthur and Sharon Freeman
Prescriptive Executive Coaching: A Cognitive Behavioral Model for Organizational Change
March 2007 London, May 2004 Moscow
S.Hancock & Associates,
Presentation skills.
Training of Trainers on presentation skills methods
December 2006
Self II, Tartu
Team-leaders training program
June, November 2002
Inscape Baltic, Tartu, Tallinn
Leaders Development Program
March 2002
MFA Holland, Hague
Getting the Message Across. Using media.
January,March 2002
EBS, Tallinn
October 2001 Tripod Group, Tartu
Sharing of functions. Staff selection and evaluation. Organisation behavior and -culture.
Test-user’s training program
January 2001
ESKO Koolitus, Tallinn
EU documentation and databases
November 2000, Self II, Tartu Time management
March/May 2000, Self II, Tartu Psychology in HRM
February 2000
Self II, Tartu
Performance Appraisal
January 2000
Self II, Tartu
August 1999
Interdistsip. Prots. Instit., Tln.
CMPS personality test user’s training
February 1999
NOVOBA Uppsala-Tartu
Research Information Flow
January 1999
DLV Agriconsult, Elva
Participatory Appraisal, Methods & Techniques
February – April 1998
Audentes Business School, Tartu
February 1997 – January 1998
Self II, Tartu
Communication Trainers Training
April 1997
Self II, Tartu
Stress and Burnout
April 1997
DLV Agriconsult, Tartu
Marketing basics
October – November 1996
DLV Agricon., Wageningen, Holland
Adult Trainers Training
February – Mai 1996
DLV Agriconsult Tartu
Advisory Methods
May 1995
EKE Ariko Tallinn
A and O in HRM
March 1995
Self II   Tartu
Assertive Communication
December 1994
Bill Betz, New Mexico Univ., Tartu
Working with Employees for Business Success
Customer Service Excellence
October 1993
Land O’Lakes, Inc. Tartu
Training of Trainers
August 1993
Canada I.L.M.S., Tartu
Farm Management Financial course
July 1993
Agro Systems Corporation, Tartu
Business Plan
May-August 1992
Uppsala Agric. University, Sweden
Cattle Breeding Value Models
February-May 1992
ILMS,  Ontario Canada
Dairy Cattle Management and Extension
September 1990
Uppsala Agric. University, Sweden
Breeding and Recording Systems in Sweden

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